Traitorous Black Dog

Abigail has firmly declared herself Ed’s dog.  Nevermind that we got her for the boys. Never mind that she was their birthday present.  Or that they named her.  She has latched on to Ed and Ed is just as enamored with her.  It’s actually pretty disgusting.  He talks to her like she’s his baby.  He takes her to the office.  He has her leash trained!  She spends her days napping on the couch in his office instead of toiling the hours away in the back yard, keeping it free of unwanted varmints as a good dog should. 

But when Ed is not home, or even just not available to Abigail, she cuddles up to me.  I whisper in her ear.  I tell her who really fills her doggie bowl.  She knows who feeds her.

One thought on “Traitorous Black Dog

  1. She’s a keeper. The really remardable story is the Collin County foster parrents for dogs. Collin County is an inspiration.

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