I have very distinct memories of my childhood relationship with my brother, J.  We routinely fought.  If we were sitting on the couch together, we were at opposite ends.  We could play with each other, but fights were usually imminent.  Our  family took a road trip every year and in the bench seat that made up the back seat of the car, we would get into fantastic kicking fights.  With as much as we fought, we still loved each other very much, but we would never, ever cuddle together on the couch while we watched television.  So you can understand now why I was dumbstruck when I found my children cuddled up together on the couch watching television together.  But here they are, legs touching, Logan wiggling his loose tooth and Trip playing with his ear.  I still don’t get the cuddling.  Maybe it’s a twin thing?  I’m pretty sure it means they’re weird.


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