These Glasses Were Made For Something Else

The boys’ godparents have always outdone themselves when it comes to gifts for the boys.  At their baptism celebration, they gave the boys the complete collection of Shakespeare, The Iliad and The Odyssey, and books on the Civil War and a book on  battle maps from several other wars.  I was ecstatic.  The gifts showed that they understood how we were trying to raise the boys.  They got us.  I didn’t cry, because I’m not a crier.  If I was a crier, I would have ruined my makeup.

Since the initial awesome gift, the boys have gotten significantly older.  They were baptized at 15 months.  I’m Episcopalian and it drove me nuts to not have them baptized earlier, but we finally got them baptized at 15 months and then I could sleep easier.  The presents the boys receive now have more to do with their respective personalities and with the adults senses of humor.  Part  of the Christmas package this year included “straw glasses.”   I have very clear ideas about what should be drunk through straw glasses, and it’s not really clear.  Or child friendly. 

The boys loved their glasses.  They drank water with the glasses at their Granny and Granddad’s house.  It was almost a travesty.  I had to just shake my head.  I know I’ll be seeing similar glasses in fifteen years on facebook while they’re supposed to be studying for finals.

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