The Perfect Dog

I have always been a dog lover, but there are a few things on my list that make a perfect dog.

1. A perfect dog will cuddle and show affection, but will NOT lick me. Ever.

2. A perfect dog will take his or her bath and not do the full body shake out until he or she has been dried off and has given me the chance to step back from the ptoential spray.

3. A perfect dog will always be waiting for you in the window when you drive up, every single time.

Pippen is the perfect dog.  Abigail is his polar opposite.  Abigail’s lack of perfect qualities may have something to do with her becoming yet another female animal in the house who thinks Ed has hung the moon.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Dog

  1. He even blends in with the couch. He is the perfect dog. He always barks when I am at your back door. He is a good watch dog.

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