Shivering in Texas

This was our gorgeous Saturday.  It would have been perfect if I hadn’t been laid up with back issues, but it was still pretty dang good.  Days like this in January are why I live in Texas and not Manhattan.  I should be able to wear shorts or a short-sleeved shirt in January if I want to! Dammit!  I shouldn’t have to deal with snow more than once.  I’m sure it’s in a contract somewhere around here….  No? I’m really cold now.  The forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday has gotten much colder than it was on Saturday. 

The good news?  Yes, there is good news!  I’m not working tomorrow.  The anti-inflammatories have taken care of my spasming back muscles.  The boys are probably going to be home from school tomorrow.  I foresee lots of warm clothes and a few board games in our future.  Hopefully, we won’t all go stir-crazy!

One thought on “Shivering in Texas

  1. The weather was beautiful last Saturday. Now it is a frozen land outside. Even my porch has a thin layer of ice. My car door is frozen shut and I don’t know how to get it open. We didn’t have internet yesterday and we are getting tired of my cooking. Six weeks ago I was in Cairo, Egypt and my problems are minor compared to their problems. I hope you wear the Egyptian necklace I bought for you some time or even post a picture of you in your Egyptian necklace to show support for the hard working people in Egypt. They were very gracious to our group.

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