Buying Babies

While driving the boys home from school today, one of them said something about getting a baby from the Ukraine.  I decided I’d better pay closer attention to what they were saying, so I asked them what they were talking about.  The parents of one of the boys in their class had come home with two little sisters for him which they had “bought.”  Trip was the first to ask for a sister today.  Logan decided that this was seriously on the bargaining table and he would sweeten the pot for me.

“Mom, I’ll clean my room.  I’ll even pick up my toys,”  he said.  He looked at me expectantly.

I didn’t budge.  “I’ll mop the floor too!”  he added hopefully.

“You want me to go to the Ukraine to buy a baby?” I asked, trying to contain my laughing.

“No, mom.  I want a sister to pop out of your belly!”  he said.  “I trust you to do a good job.”

“Well little dude,  I’m glad you have such faith in me, but a little sister just is not in your stars. Sorry.”

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