Gardening Follies

The sun finally broke through the clouds today.  The heat of the sun beat down through the sky, warming my face, my hands, my back.  I had a few hours to myself, so I went to The Home Depot store to get some winter flowers.  I picked out some pretty and inexpensive annuals, knowing full well that their time in my garden might be short. 

By early afternoon, I was wearing my favorite gardening gloves and digging in the earth.  My handheld shovel loosening the earth, making a shallow hole for each flower.  Honestly, I’m not a great gardener, but every once in a while the dirt calls for me to dig in it.   The knees of my jeans were damp from the moist soil.  I was wearing the same mules I wear everyday, knowing they would be a muddy mess by the time I was finished and not caring in the least.  The sun on my back made such worries moot.

I planted the first flat of flowers along one side of the brick fence and had moved onto the next.  Breaking the earth for each new flower, feeling the soil yield to the pressure of my trowel, the heat of the sun warming my skin. It was a perfect afternoon.

I was halfway down the second wall of the fence, digging another hole, when suddenly, the ground started crumbling and opening downward.  A tiny, rodent-like hand reached up and grabbed my arm.  Before I knew what was happening, I was being pulled into the hole!  There were hands all over my arm, pulling me further and further into the hole, when suddenly I was entirely within an underground tunnel.  There was a dim  light emanating from somewhere.  Somewhere, but not the sun because the hole had sealed itself.  I was being pushed down the tunnel  by someone or something at my back.  I tried turning around to see who my captor was, but there were multiple hands at my back impeding my movement.  I decided to look ahead, to see what my surroundings were in the hopes of figuring out what had happened to me.  The earthen corridor was long, with doorways every so often and overhead lights that reminded me of the light fixtures in scary hospitals from B movies made in the 1980s.

“Who are you? Why have you taken me?” I asked, hoping for some kind of answer.  All I got was squeaking in return. 

 Somewhere off in the distance, I heard the roar of what seemed to be hundreds of these grunting things.  I still didn’t know what my captor looked like.  I tried to look back again, only to have my head shoved forward again.  There were long thin branches coming down from the ceiling. Roots?  I couldn’t be sure.

Had I been shrunk?  What was going on??

And then I woke up.

Thank God I did because gardening? Seriously??  I am SO NOT a gardener!  I would have gone shopping with a free afternoon.

9 thoughts on “Gardening Follies

  1. Your story is full of symbolism. You enjoy being in control of your life and it is neat and orderly and in rows but you don’t really have control. Good story.

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