The Evil Emanated from Her

Have you ever felt evil emanating from an animal?  A malice you just couldn’t quite put your finger on?  I did just two days ago.

Ed and I had gone out with some friends and came home pretty late to see a strange cat sitting on the air conditioner/heater condenser thingie outside of our side door.  The cat was brindle colored.  I’ve never heard of a brindle cat before, much less  seen one.  Ed made a gentle swatting motion at the cat to shoo it away from the door.  The cat slowly sauntered off, sure of its right to be wherever it wanted to be. 

We all went inside and the cat jumped our fence into the back yard and sauntered up onto our porch.  We let the dogs out because they had to do their business.  The cat just looked at us.  Chills ran up my spine.  Why was this cat not afraid of dogs it didn’t know?

I started to expect the cat to morph into a Hogwarts sorcery professor at any time.  I didn’t expect said sorcerer to say, “Hey, I want to take your kids to a school of sorcery here in the states.”  I expected the cat/sorcerer to want to suck out my soul and the souls of everyone I loved.

The dogs finally did what we had sent them out to do and we brought them back in because A) it was cold, and B) there was a freaky, possessed cat in our backyard that wouldn’t leave.

The friends and Ed and I sat down at the kitchen table to play a game of cards and partake in some adult beverages.  Every time we looked up, there was the cat, prancing back and forth in the window or just looking in at us, me.

I feel like I need to add at this point that I don’t normally feel like this about cats.  We own five (5) cats. Or, rather, they maintain living quarters in the house we own and refuse to get anywhere near the “outdoors” for fear that they might not get to live in the lap of luxury any longer.  I have never felt like any of my cats would turn into a human witch either.

So here is this freaky, brindle cat watching me drink and play cards. 

We ended our evening and hoped that the cat would be gone by morning.   Such was not the case.  I took the dogs out at 7:00 in the morning when Abby the Puppy woke up and there was the cat, curled up on an outside chair like she owned the place.  As the dogs went outside and bounded over to her, she slowly stood up and then stretched before slowly walking over to the stairs.  Why weren’t my dogs barking loudly and running this strange cat off?  I really don’t have an answer other than the freaky, weird cat had cast a spell over them.  So my dogs are sniffing the new cat and following her around like she’s wearing doggie perfume.  She’s lifting her tail and prancing through their legs. I picked her up and tossed her over the fence so the dogs could get on with their routine because I wanted to go back to bed.

The boys came home later that morning after spending the night with Oma and the cat was still there.  They started asking completely unreasonable things of me like, “Mommy, can we keep the cat?”

“Absolutely not!  Have you lost your minds??”

I’m all nice and nurturing with my kids.  Hit me up if you need any parenting advice!

The process went on all day.  The cat stayed on the porch or in the back yard all day long and getting the dogs to do their business required an act of Congress.  Ed decided that his heart would melt around 6:00 that evening and I threatened him with a slow and painful death.  He asked me if that wasn’t already happening to him and if it hadn’t started with his utterance of “I Do.” 

I hate it when he has retorts like that.  It makes me add years to his sentence.  At his current rate, he’s going to have to stay alive until he’s 105, the poor guy.

So Ed got all sappy over the cat and wondered if it was male or female and hoped that if it was a female that she wasn’t pregnant and wouldn’t have kittens under the porch in the cold north Texas winter.  He is a dramatic sap!

So I said that there was only one way to find out.  I went outside and picked up the cat to find out it’s gender. Girl.  What stray cat just allows some strange woman to randomly pick it up and check out the gender bits?  I felt contaminated after picking up the cat, so I washed my hands and arms for 18 minutes.  Then I cooked dinner with this weird cat watching me the whole time.

Fast forward to today.  I worked all day, so I didn’t know the scoop on the cat.  I called Ed on my way home (How pathetic is it that I find time for 2 calls on my 8 minute drive home?) to find out about the cat drama and he says that the cat is gone.  I decided that that moment was the right moment to tell Ed about the feelings that the cat had evoked in me.  Ed told me that I was nuts and there was nothing strange about the cat but that’s just because he doesn’t have a sixth sense or a feel for the occult.  I called my mom and told her about the cat just to make sure I wasn’t crazy.  She totally agreed with me!  She said she had seen the cat too, all the way over at her house, and it had freaked her out too!!

5 thoughts on “The Evil Emanated from Her

  1. It is a strange looking cat. It might be a mix with something else. You might consider putting the cat on you tube. The cat might even be living under your porch.

  2. Your evil witch cat was a Tortishell, it mixed breed that is always female and only has female babies. I had a tortishell named Fred, she lived 17 years and disliked my boys. In her defence I must say the boys teased her a lot. Of course she had her way of getting even. she ran away from them and hid and waited till they walked by, and then she would dart out and bite their ankles. They finally learned not to tease her. When I moved to The Colony she got very strange, not to say she wasn’t always, and didn’t like anybody but me. She would hiss at everybody, and all animals that came on the property, so everyone just left her alone. When Melissa lived with me, she was scared of Fred and wouldn’t have anything to do with her. Strangly enough when Stephanie came along Fred developed a real attachment to her, Steph loved Fred. Fred would let Steph pick her up, no one had touched Fred in 10 years, but Steph could drag her around and put doll clothes on her. Very wierd.

    • Weird but cool. I have vague recollections of a brindle cat at your house, but the memories are more of a cat that you couldn’t pet. It’s always cool when an animal develops an attachment to a kid and will let the kid drag it around like a doll!

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog. And, I couldn’t stop reading this story until the end. It put a smile on my face and although, I don’t have any experience like this. I can truly imagine what you went through and empathize. Strange things do happen.

    Off to read some more of your posts!

    Cheers and have a sweet day!

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