The Doggie Meeting

The husband works in an office with both of his parents which sounds like torture to me, but they all seem to like it, enjoy it even, and there usually isn’t any major blood shed at the end of the day.  His parents have the luxury of being able to bring an assortment of animals to the office every single day.  His mom brings the animals in and they get shuffled around accordingly.  The cats spend their days in my FIL’s office upstairs.  My MIL keeps an enormous standard poodle and a very loud French bulldog in her office with a kennel for the bulldog because she can’t seem to stop jumping on people’s legs when they come into my MIL’s office.   Ed has been bringing his new puppy to the office so  she doesn’t run free around the house all day, emptying bowel and bladder where ever she chooses, and chewing up everything she can get her sharp little teeth around.

Ed’s office and his mother’s office are right next door to each other and the very loud French bulldog, who is female, began objecting vehemently the first time Ed brought the new puppy to the office.   With them both being of the female variety, this was expected.  Right now, Abby the puppy and Julie the French bulldog are about the same size.  Every time Julie would catch the scent of Abby or hear Abby’s nails clicking on the tile floor,  she would go nuts, yapping her little head off and slipping on the floor trying to get the poor, little puppy girl.

But no meeting had ever actually taken place between the two girls, because until today, Abby  had been carried past Julie, safely out of harms way.  Today was different though because Ed and Abby got to the office first.  Ed put a 2 foot tall board in front of his door to keep Abby inside his office. (Yes, high-tech stuff here.)  My MIL and Julie and Patrick made it to the office some time later and Julie smelled her new nemesis.  Julie jumped up and put her front paws on the board in front of the door.  Julie was too shocked to bark or do anything else when Abby met her on the other side of the board.  Abby hasn’t yet learned that she shouldn’t like strange dogs, so Abby licked Julie on the nose.  Abby caressed Julie’s face with her paw ever so gently.  Julie stood there, paws on the board, shocked into speechlessness (yaplessness?).  Ed and his mom stood there, watching the encounter making sure neither dog got too frisky until Ed’s mom decided it was time to actually set her things down in her own office.

And Patrick, the standard poodle, where was he?  He was just standing there, watching the whole encounter, wondering when he was going to get to sniff someone’s butt.  Typical male.

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