Christmas Breakfast Room

Several years ago, I saw a picture in a magazine (Southern Living, maybe) in the December issue showing a dining room table with a couple of ornaments hanging from the light fixture.  I liked the idea, but being from Texas,  I thought the vision just needed more.  So I went with dozens of ornaments!  And, I figured out how to do it cheaply. (Eventually.)  Real ribbon looks pretty, but I never could find a spool with more than 9 feet on it and buying enough to do a full set can get expensive.  Red curling ribbon which is readily available at Christmas is cheap,  comes in outrageous lengths, and works really well for this little project.  I took 3 foot lengths of ribbon and tied an ornament to each end.  The first time I did this, it took FOREVER!!  But this year when I put it up this year, it took me all of 15 minutes to do 2 light fixtures!

One thought on “Christmas Breakfast Room

  1. It really looks nice in your dining room. You should include a photograph of your whole dining room. It is really festive. Mom

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